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Essential Tips when Shopping for Wedding Rings

When talking about wedding rings, both the couple must share their opinion ahead of reaching an agreement. They frequently say that communication is crucial, specifically once they will be facing another chapter in their life and they have to choose the perfect wedding bands that will reflect their union. Unlike engagement rings, they need to take more time and effort when making their choice since it will already involve two people instead of just one. Here are some of the helpful ideas when shopping for wedding rings.

The first step you need to take is to converse your styles and preferences. The bride might want something simple or a more unique band that will go with her engagement ring. On the other hand, the groom wants something strong that will reflect his tough job or wedding ring sets that reflects the bond between wedding rings. The tone of your whole shopping experience will be the reflection of how and what you discussed and agreed upon.

After you have selected the types of wedding rings, it is time that you discover a jeweler that you can trust. There are many jewelry stores out there, but it is essential to find people working there who have the knowledge on wedding bands. This is to be sure that you will be given the level of service and care that you need in your unique union. Discover a jewelry store in your area that specializes in pieces from known brands as they will be the most informative and knowledgeable. They are very efficient also in creating custom rings that will match your style and personality perfectly.

At times, you might have a hard time finding the right rings that you are looking for, so one of your solutions is to customize. You can find a lot of designer brands that give this option in order to have your own styles and preferences. They can assign a designer who can produce a pair of rings that are unique to you and with top-level quality. He has the experience to explain exactly to you what you should look for and what needs to be done.

It is also important to coordinate your wedding rings with your other half. Make certain to have similar theme, style, color or metal to unify the look of your rings that will add to the unity and love that they symbolize. Check out the wide variety of wedding ring styles for men and women when you shop to find a good pair that you can use every day for the rest of your life.

Your wedding rings should be ordered way ahead of your wedding day. It needs time to produce the perfect set or get the right size. Usually, have your set created at least three months ahead of the date so you can have them ready before exchanging your vows.

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Make A Smart Purchase Of Your Wedding Ring

If you have plans of buying a wedding ring, then you need to make yourself aware of some important points before making a purchase. Make your special day extra special by learning about these factors and knowing how they play a role in the ring you are about to buy.

There are many different styles of rings that you can buy and some of the more popular ones are:

Jewish – traditional Jewish ring is plain and it has an unbroken gold circle representing pure as well as eternal union.

Russian – the Russian rings have 3 interlocking bands which represents the holy trinity and in most cases, these 3 bands are made out of different shades of metal. To give you a quick example, one of the bands can be made from rose gold, the other from yellow gold and the last from white gold.

Irish Claddagh – it is easy to identify a Claddagh ring mainly because of its clasped hands, crown and heart to which the clasped hands mean friendship, crown is denoting eternity and the heart symbolizes love.

Traditional – for the design of traditional rings, they have come from early Egyptians who made the wedding rings in form of a never ending circle. They believe that rings represent eternal love that must be carried over to afterlife. Oftentimes, traditional rings are worn on third finger in which a tradition that has started from ancient Greeks who thought that our third finger had a vein that’s linked to the heart.

In addition to thinking of the style you should go for in the ring, you must consider as well the kind of metal where the wedding ring has to be made of. There are different metals available where rings can be made of and some of the common materials are:

Gold – there are numerous gold rings that you can find in the market and the rings are measured in carats which are abbreviated as kt, K or ct. These wedding rings also come in 9, 10, 14, and 18 carats but it is rare to find gold wedding rings with 24 carats as it deforms easily and too soft. Among the other popular gold rings that are sought in the market is yellow ring. There are also other options that you can have such as rose gold which has copper component as well as white gold that’s plated with silver white rhodium.

Platinum – platinum is found in 95 percent pure form and denser, making this material more scratch resistant than gold and as a result, it’s recognized as an extravagant and prestigious metal. Expect that platinum wedding rings may cost you more than gold rings.

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